Westminster Rotary Club Rotarians of the Year

2000-2001  Garth Godwin
2007-2008  Loren Donaldson
2008-2009  Marvin Pugh
2009-2010  Rick Fuller
2010-2011  Doug Hall
2011-2012  Brian Hall
2012-2013  Loren Donaldson
2013-2014  H. Michael Hayes
2014-2015  Barbara Stratton
2015-2016  Caitlin Duncan
2016-2017  Roger Gudenkauf
2017-2018  Chris Hovendon
2018-2019  Mark Harris
2019-2020  Roger Gudenkauf
2020-2021  Loren Donaldson
2021-2022  Mark Harris
2022-2023  Rich Seymour

 International Paul Harris Fellow Awards

Roberta Bourn1 Loren Donaldson1,3
Wayne Farlow1
Bill Fine 4
Caitlin Duncan Rick Fuller1
Jason Genck Garth Godwin1
Oliver Grenham   Roger Gudenkauf1
Brian Hall1 Doug Hall
Mark Harris1,4 Lynn Hoffman1
John Inman1 Kevin Massey1
Ed Moss Martin Postma1,2
Chuck Prather1 Barbara Stratton1
Cliff Stratton1 Joe Talarico1
Mark Wilson1
Chalmer "Bill" West1
Dana Wozniak1 Tom Wilson2,4
Lori Goldstein 1

Rich Seymour 4

1. Multiple Paul Harris Awards
2. TRF Major Donor
3. TRF Benefactor
4. Paul Harris Society

The Westminster Rotary Club H.Michael Hayes Fellow Award

Mike Hayes, Mar 11, 1926 – Feb 4, 2014, was a longtime Rotarian, having served as President of both the Westminster Rotary Club and starting the Westminster 7:10 Rotary Club. He also served as the District Governor for District 5450 in 2002/2003. Mike loved traveling, the Colorado Symphony, spending time with his family and friends, as he talked about life and politics.


Award Recipients:

Roberta Bourn

Mark Clark x2

Loren and Barbara Donaldson

Wayne Farlow x6

               Lori Goldstein
Rick Fuller x4
Sharon Fuller
Roger and Shirley Gudenkauf
Stephen B. Hard Foundation
Angela and Tim Habben
Brian and Susan Hall x3
Mark Harris x7
Lynn Hoffman
Kevin Massey
Ed Moss and Karen Johnson x3
Cliff and Barbara Stratton
Mark Wilson
Tom Wilson x10
Joe Duncan
Caitlin Duncan
 Updated 12/08/23

Rotary Fellowships

Rotary Fellowships are groups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses, and Rotaractors who join together to: 

  •  Share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities (sports, hobbies, etc.) 
  •  Further their vocational development through acquaintance with others of the same profession 
  •  Make new friends around the world 
  •  Explore new opportunities for service 
  •  Have fun and enhance their experience in Rotary 

View a complete list of Rotary Fellowships.